Aeropac Technology

The Aeropac is an Activated Sludge Process (ASP) designed to operate under aerobic condition. It is circular RCC/MS tall tank having 5m operating depth.An Aeropac operates in a batch mode with aeration , sludge settlement , treated water clarification occurring in the same tank.
Aeropac produce sludge with good settling properties providing the influent wastewater is admitted into the aeration in a controlled manner. It controls range from timer based system with a PLC.
It contains one dedicated aeration compartment & two compartments will be decantation/aeration & vice versa.
The effluent feeding & air purging line will be provided with actuator valves. There is no external sludge circulation.  Due to optimised depth of Aeropac good amount of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) forms in aeration basin.
The followings are the main advantages of Aeropac .The Aeropac take the high BOD load /m3 of aeration tank volume. It generates less sludge as compare to other biological process. It is having less foot print . Achieving very good treated water quality etc.

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