Solar Power Plants

21st century enviro engineers pvt. ltd. is committed to serve energy industry with innovative approaches to renewable energy generation – smart, sustainable, reliable and efficient. By collaborating with BORG ENERGY we aim at combining the power of distributed solar energy solutions with smart grid technology we provide unique product for the utility market.
Our solar power system is designed with advanced technology by creating a completely new energy value chain that links renewable and traditional power generation to improve reliability, reduce pollution, and enhance utilization.
BORG Solar Power systems are known for handling high quality solar panels system to meet the needs of everyone. These solar panels systems are also quite affordable and make solar energy very appealing in every way. Get a solar power system just to reap of its wonderful benefits personally. The release of the very new BORG Astra Home Series is beating its own outstanding
record and this means that a lot more people in India will be able to afford getting a solar power system for their homes to escape high cost of electricity bills.
Whenever the cost of electricity goes up, a person’s disposable income goes down, and now is the time to take back control of your energy demands. We are able to give customers all that they do need and what they are seeking. People want a working solution for their going up energy bills. The answer to this issue is to get a BORG solar PV system installed for your
residence or business. . Therefore, do contact us, if you are seeking a solution to your expensive electricity bills. The Astra Home Series is a much better deal than just getting regular standard solar power panels.


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